Text on Approach

No App? No Problem!

Gold Coast Cabs offers a free service which is available to mobile phone users to have a notification sent to your device with a link showing your designated Taxi’s location or, alternatively a notification to advice you when your vehicle is nearly there to pick you up so you can stay comfortable or party on!

So how does it work?

If you use your mobile telephone to book your Taxi, most customers will receive a message containing a link, just click on the link and we’ll show you everything you need to see! Don’t forget to let us know how your experience was by rating your Driver.

If you’ve asked for Text on Approach, a text message is delivered to your mobile phone when your vehicle is a certain distance from your location. Additionally, you will also be told the Taxi number so you will know which Cab is yours if you are in a public place.

What do I have to get a Text on Approach message?


Text on booking create is turned on by default for customers using a mobile device however if you prefer Text on Approach ask your Customer Service Representative to activate these for your bookings. Better still have your CSR to save your regular pick up location as a template. Afterwards, if you use your mobile phone to book a Cab, Gold Coast Cabs will deliver the message to your mobile handset, this service is totally free of charge.