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Taxi Transport with Gold Coast Cabs is a Safe Travel Option

  • All taxis operate the Verify Camera System which records a series of still camera shots.
  • 24 hour monitoring via GPS.
  • Drivers undergo regular criminal and traffic history checks.

Passenger Safety Tips

Getting into the Taxi

  • Take a photo of the taxi number when It arrives to pick you up. Fleet Numbers are located on the front doors or on the front guard, inside on the center of the windscreen and on the boot or rear of the vehicle.
  • Contact a friend and tell them what taxi number you are travelling in. Phone or SMS.
  • Sit wherever you feel most comfortable. Consider being in clear view this will ensure both you and the Driver can see what is happening.
  • Ensure the vehicle has complete livery for Gold Coast Cabs or Yellow Cabs.
  • Ensure the Driver is wearing a Gold Cost Cabs/Yellow Cabs uniform.

Your Journey

Ensure the meter is operational and being used. Unless

  • You have pre-purchased your travel with Ticketmates.
  • You have been given a fixed price quote for out of area travel by the Contact Centre. Travel more than 40 klm outside of the Gold Coast Taxi Service Area.

Taxi meters operate on distance when the vehicle is moving. Your driver is to deliver you to your destination by taking you the shortest practical route. Please be aware, this means your journey may take more time than travelling a faster route.

Leaving the Taxi

  • Always ask for a printed receipt – Tax Invoice.This contains important information such as time, date, fleet number, total fare paid, method of payment and your drivers ABN.

Please report good and bad experiences. You can use the form below. All service industries rely on feedback. It is used to evaluate performance and to make improvements. All information supplied is strictly confidential and complies with Transport and Main Roads specifications.

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